Peyton List Skype Video Chat

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UPDATE: #4 Search Result for: Peyton List! I won Peyton List’s Skype contest, where she selected five of her twitter followers to skype with her! Follow me on twitter – Additional Tags: Peyton List Skype Video Chat Fun Entertainment Funny Comedy Kids Patriots Sports Skype Twitter Contest Awkward Lucky

Xblue Skype Desktop Telephone, White (SP2014)

41PdpVdUUOL. SL160  Peyton List Skype Video Chat
The XBLUE SP2014 Skype Desktop Telephone is an “Always On” Skype phone that does not require a PC and can save you a ton of money. Make calls anywhere in the world to other Skype users for free or, call landline telephones or cell phones for next to nothing (Skype calling rates are really tiny!) Just connect the XBLUE Skype telephone to your existing home or office broadband network, access your Skype account directly from the phone’s interactive LCD and you are ready to go, it is that easy! Never miss a Skype call as the XBLUE Skype phone is “Always On” (no PC needed). Unlike cell phones and PC’s the XBLUE telephone is designed to be a high-quality two-way speakerphone. The XBLUE Skype telephone is comfortable to use – especially important on those long calls. Small business or Home office that conducts international business – Real money saver. Families – Make free calls and save cell phone airtime when calling Grandma, Uncle Joe, kids, grandchildren, etc.

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25 Responses to “Peyton List Skype Video Chat”

  1. sam newell says:

    Peyton List is Cute!!

  2. Sockyoursock77 says:

    i cant really but i dont think i need to prove anything to u becuz u have no business in are realtionship

  3. ryanallstar42 says:

    tucker haha your two grades below her why would she date you? haha

  4. Sockyoursock77 says:

    know im not im only 1

  5. lesnargoldbergfan says:

    Dude, I don’t wanna sound like an ass, but honestly, I have trouble believing you. I’m sure I’ll here about you if you two are dating, just make me a vid or something

  6. Sockyoursock77 says:

    look u dont have to belive me but i have her number and everything

  7. Sockyoursock77 says:

    look u dont have to belive me but i have her number and everything

  8. aryaMO143 says:

    Dude you don’t no one believe you lol gtfo get a life

  9. AsianSwag1000 says:

    Dude your too young for her and she out of your league

  10. ryanallstar42 says:

    im the same age as her, and thanks for the advice! :D

  11. ryanallstar42 says:

    are you saying this to Sockyoursock77 or me?

  12. AsianSwag1000 says:

    I’m saying this to sockyoursock77

  13. faryal memon says:

    i have her skype name already

  14. Sockyoursock77 says:

    hey i dont have to prove it to u so belive me or not i honestl dont care

  15. Will Whyte says:

    OMG you have her name that is so cool


    Hay that’s cool u called her jay next time can you give her my Skype name phillip.blankenship21

  17. AsianSwag1000 says:

    Hey @ryanallstar42 can you Skype her again and this time talk to her a little bit louder so we can hear and make another video on it please and thanks:D

  18. ryanallstar42 says:

    i would if i could and i was talking loud, just my mic dosent pick up well when doing screen encodings

  19. AsianSwag1000 says:

    @ryanallstar42 ok but can you Skype her again or was it a one time thing? If you can Skype her again please make another video:)

  20. ryanallstar42 says:

    he says sarcastically.

  21. ericbobswag says:

    then why would you say wanna bet, if you can’t prove it and just because you have Peyton’s number doesn’t mean anything… i have Selena Gomez number that doesn’t mean i’m dating her (and no one ask me for it cause i’m not giving out her number). i text her all the time in fact, she give me 4 free tickets every time she does a show in texas. so just cause you skype with her and text her, it doesn’t mean anything

  22. Sockyoursock77 says:

    look dude i have nothing to prove to myself and i dont need to prove it to u eiether

  23. faryal memon says:

    wats peytons number

  24. faryal memon says:

    i got her skype naem just from the video cool hey

  25. 000MonicaMusic000 says:

    Peytons so pretty and sweet :) i met her when i watched the hunger games! it was cool :D

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